Visit us often to check out the construction progress on our new church and social hall!

Please see the slide show below and more pictures and descriptions on our construction page:

Digging out the footers - the outline of the buildings!
Pre-assembled walls delivered to the site.
Concrete block in footers of the hall
Concrete block around the altar area
Outline of the church with completed altar footer
Outline of the Social Hall, Classrooms and Offices
Entire Construction Site April 2015
Natural Drain
June 19th Walls of the Social Hall building
Interior Walls of Social Hall
Social Hall takes shape
Interior of Church Walls
View from the altar facing out toward the front doors of the church
View looking toward the altar with 20 foot dome opening above!
Looking out of one of the windows in the Way of the Saints. Ultimately this hallway will have 5 stained-glass windows.
Round-topped windows across the front of the Hall.
Gold fiberglass domes are delivered to the site Oct 23rd.
Support structure for the large dome goes up.
First small dome is installed Oct 19th.
Large dome is installed on Nov 23rd.
Bob Baker watches and coordinates with the crew.
February 2016
Altar Carpentry
Social Hall Building Entrance with Door
Social Hall Entry from Inside
Installing Insulation
Fellowship Hall Insulation Complete
Door in the Way of the Saints
Stone begins on the Bell Towers
Drywall hung in Fellowship Hall
First Drywall on Sanctuary Walls
Classrooms Drywall
Stonework complete on first Bell Tower
Drywall going up inside the church
Preparing for Dryvit Stucco
Back of Social Hall with Brickwork complete
Dryvit stucco complete
A view from the top of the hill
Walking Cooler/Freezer
Interior solid oak door with roughed-in window opening
Drop ceiling tiles in the social hall
Exterior of the Church September 1st, 2016
Let there be LIGHTS!
Painted church walls
Bells being installed 11/14/2016