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St. George Cemetery

The parish of St. George, by the Grace of God, was blessed decades ago with a parish cemetery located at 3230 Washington Pike in South Fayette Township.  Originally recognizable by its iron gate, tree-lined drive, and beautiful icon of our patron St. George the Martyr, it has long been a peaceful place for those who lay there in repose and those who visit them.  Now the cemetery shares its location with the new Church and Hall building which opened officially in 2017. 

While the iron gate no longer marks the entrance to the cemetery,  the drive now leads all those that enter toward the new church, a place of worship where those who have gone to sleep before us are remembered in constant prayer.

Cemetery Update and Appeal 2023

St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church

3230 Washington Pike, Bridgeville, PA  15017

Phone: 412-221-2277 

The V. Rev. Jason DelVitto, Ph. D., Pastor               The V. Rev. Fred Pfeil, Attached Clergy                                       

 Dear Faithful in Christ,

With the membership of our Parish Council and our Cemetery Committee, I greet you in the Name of Our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ!

Our parish of St. George, by the grace of God, is blessed with a parish cemetery where our beloved faithful lie in blessed repose awaiting the Day of Resurrection, May God Grant Them Blessed Repose and Eternal Memory. 

Our Cemetery Committee, headed by Mr. Gabriel Antypas, is considering several beautification projects in order to enhance both the practical and aesthetical aspects of our cemetery. Among the projects being considered is the construction and placement of steps that would lead from the driveway of our church to the cemetery which would assist those who are visiting their loved one’s graves. In addition, preliminary drawings and plans have been created for a Prayer Garden which will be located on our property near our cemetery.

On an ongoing basis, we continue to maintain and strive to improve the care of our cemetery and we appreciate your generosity in supporting the financial responsibilities associated with that care. As we enter a New Year, we respectfully request that you continue to donate to our Cemetery Fund, and we thank you in advance for your prayerful support.

It is our sincere prayer that the Lord will bless each one of you and that He will keep you and those whom you hold dear in His loving care

In Christ Jesus,

Fr. Jason DelVitto


Photos of the original St. George Cemetery prior to construction of the new church building. 

If you would like more information about St. George Cemetery please contact the church at (412) 221-2277.

If you would like to review a listing of those buried at the St. George Cemetery you are invited to review the following website.

(Note: The church does not sponsor the following website, nor does the church attest to the information provided there, but rather makes the link available to you for your information only.)

St. George Cemetery in Bridgeville, PA Burial Listing

For more specific information regarding the dearly departed buried in the cemetery or plot purchase information, please contact the church.